Start something different, disruptive.?!

Do you want to start something disruptive or just another brick in the wall?

Yup, the title says it all. Different, Unique, Disruptive. I am seeing so many young Indians in their early 20s, when energy levels are the highest, either end up working for companies (multinationals or government), which is not a bad thing though if one is after stability or is not that enterprising, or start working on an idea which is just like another brick in the wall.

I remember during 2008s and 2009s when flipkart was on its pathway to become big, 100s ecommerce shops (a shop here represents a business or company or startup whatever) got started out of which I think only couple exist now such as Snapdeal and Myntra (is part of flipkart now).

In 2012s when local delivery based shops such as bigbasket started 100s of shops started with the same concept and only couple of exist now such as nearbuy. This story goes on and goes on .. now i see food delivery, on demand based shops everywhere.

If I take this scenario and do some analysis then I clearly find that those shops which took benefit of being the firsts and somehow either disrupted business models of traditional businesses or started new unique business models do still exist such as alibaba, amazon, google, paypal, uber, tesla etc.

Dream big, disrupt market, and then sustain.