Definition of smart home is bigger than just damn controlling your home from a mobile app

MCR smart home

A smart home is more than a mobile app

One of my new ventures MCR (My Connected Residence or Modernhome Concepts Realized) Smart Homes is to build beautiful, connected, functional, eco-friendly, and self-sustainable for the masses in India. It is just like building homes of the future now!

I have been researching on this idea for more than 1.5 years, and have been experimenting with various products and features, and also have been travelling almost India wide to study where and how does Indian population of 1.25 crore beings live.

To my amusement only approx 5% of Indians live in things called apartments or flats; and almost 70% of these 5% apartment beings are in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata. To my shock approx 95% of the remaining beings live in independent homes and these independent homes range from 1 tier to 4 tier buildings i.e. from single storey to four storey.

Ok, coming back to the topic, are smart homes more than a mobile app? Let’s first discuss what is smart?

defintion of smart on
definition of smart on

Smart means being intelligent, fast mental ability, dealing with others sharply, effective, impressive, elegant, and sophisticated.

Now let’s match these qualities with smart homes :-

  1. A smart home is intelligent that in winters it does not looses inside warmth, and in summers it does not allows outside heat i.e. keeps home cool in summers and warm in winters and that too without any mobile app; it is just natural to a smart home
  2. A smart home is built in shortest time possible; one company in China erected / built / constructed 57 storey building in record 19 days
  3. A smart home deals with natural disasters effectively e.g. recent flood in Chennai has left many citizens without homes; imagine if there would have been smart homes built considering the landscape, soil type, calamities prone areas etc then these citizens would not had to face such a tragedy and many lives would also had been saved
  4. A smart home has materials which can be recycled
  5. A smart home is a beauty indeed
  6. A smart home is sophisticated; it generates its own electricity, water, food, and is connected

So now whenever you plan to buy a home just check out how smart is it? Does it really define smart?!!