Are you a sales person? Do you always put more effort in your work and still get very little value?

Sometimes, it gets so disheartening and frustrating when you are not able to achieve your goals, right?

Here a few things you should understand to know why this might be happening to you:-

1. Ignorance

Quite a number of sales and non sales people are so ignorant as they tend to neglect the core fundamental principles, while going through a number of shortcuts, undermining certain codes of conduct and work ethics making their work and produce less appealing, less credible and unacceptable to the market resulting in them putting more effort for unsatisfying rewards.

2. Lack of Planning

Have you ever introspected that there might be some deficiency in your sales planning strategy?

Without a proper sales plan and clearly well defined objectives, you might find yourself doing unnecessary things such as worthless paperwork consuming more money and time.

It’s high time you outline clearly defined objectives and timely information necessary for implementing a successful sales plan or else all your progress will be stalled making you work more for only less money.

It’s high time also for the preparation of meaningful reports on the performance of the entire sales team in order to come up with a meaningful evaluation which will determine everything.

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3. Doing Multi-tasking in a wrong way

Why do you have to focus on multiple tasks at a time?

Focusing on multiple tasks, at a given time, consumes and waste a lot of time and money covering unnecessary costs compared to the value you obtain at the end of the day.

Executing several things means failure since you wont be able to do everything efficiently spoiling the quality of products and services after all such hard work.

Sales and non sales people are caught inside this trap thinking more work will bring more reward but rather multi-tasking hinders skills development and perfection for instance a depth product knowledge which satisfies a customer during the selling process. In this regard without proper explanation and descriptions given to customers how can they buy the products?

By doing multitasking in a wrong way all the energy will be wasted for nothing as you will realise the little value you obtain at the end of the day.

It’s time you may consider specialisation in selling products or you will continue with the donkey work for very little money.

4. No proper choice of work

You are still doing more work for less money because you cannot establish a proper choice of work and this is what, as a human tendency, most sales people do. You may be putting yourself in work that does not fall within the core strengths of your organisation depending on the nature of your resources, market or skills .

Sometimes most sales people believe in selling multiple products when times are tough and most companies look for any type of business to capitalise on.

However focusing your attention on work that is not your core business will actually lead to decreased engagement, productivity and ultimately profitability.

It might sound bold but all your work will be “fake” and fake work will always make you taste the bitterness of more work for little reward.

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5. Taking Unnecessary Costs

Hard work is failing to produce results that measurably matter because you may be taking unnecessary costs.

As a salesman you may think traveling long distances with your money to market and sell products is an advantage without having considered a strong market research first will not only tire you and drain your pockets but will frustrate given the little profit you always obtain .

Cost savings encompasses reduced storage, production and employment costs and inability to do so will be a serious liability for the company.

Employing too many incompetent sales people who cannot sell products and services in a professional manner will never bring profit to your efforts but rather more office storage, high wage bill ,more time, work and less income.

6. Lack in understanding the market

As a sales person you may find it difficult to add value to your work because you may be failing to understand the people around you.

Selling is all about understanding your market well so that you reach the right people with the right product or service at the right time.

Getting crashed will always tire and disappoint you when you realise you are doing a lot of work for less money.


When you think or realise that you are doing more for less, regard all these challenges as opportunities and as turning points. Why not setting up positive examples which matters a lot to others?



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