When you have to talk about sales, think of all activities related to selling or the number of goods or
services sold in a given time period.

Selling has dominated the society from prehistoric times since it is part of your day to day activities in this business dominated profit making society.

Sales have preoccupied the majority of activities in the business environment and in society as well including
marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, customer services and auctions.

Everyone has been in sales for a very long time and most importantly you have notice that that a number of individuals have gained titles such as “salesperson”, “sales executives”, “sales representatives”, “affiliates, “brokers”, “agents” etc.

Apart from these preoccupied titles who can you call a “salesperson”? I believe everyone is a salesperson, you and me, since selling is an inevitable part of societal functioning.

To survive you have to sale a product, a commodity or a service to someone. It is like the society cannot be detached away from the concept of sales since selling is everywhere, all day. Everything is sales and it is involved in whatever you do every day.

A teacher is selling to its students, a boyfriend is selling himself to his girlfriend and vice versa, a wife is selling to her husband and vice versa. You are getting dressed up to look good, you are selling yourself to the world.

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You are the face of your product - quote - mittaltiger enterprises - selling, sales, inspire, motivate, magic, business, life, income

Everything and every relationship is bound to sales. The very people you meet every day brokers, agents , consumers advertising agents have developed some kind of a mutual relationship sprouting from selling activities.

In most activities during and after selling activities you exchange contacts, share problems and make friends impacting positively in transforming our lives also making appointments to create even bigger platforms for further selling activities. In this regard you cannot run away from the concept of sales and everything is sales in whatever you do everyday.

Let me ask you few questions. Can you sell to a stranger? Can you sell to a friend? How fast can you sell to a stranger than a friend or vice versa? Well yeah, most of you are right in answering that it will be faster to sell a product to a friend than a stranger, right? Why is it faster to sell to a friend? It might be your comfortability level with your friend. How have you reached this comfortability level? At some point of life, when you were not friends, this friend of yours was a total stranger to you.

Selling is a gradual process, it is a process to make people comfortable around you so that in future you get to sell your products faster.

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Have you ever thought of business development? Business development growth and expansion is the mandate of every profit making organisation, profit making is something achieved from successful selling activities.

What is business development without sales? Take a look at the definition itself, business development is when a certain organisation achieve its full potential and it must be integrated into the planning and measurement systems of business enterprises. And for that to happen, the concept must be articulated in activities that are familiar to business profit making mechanisms most importantly sales and that has dominated the corporate culture. Such business development mechanisms you may think of includes marketing, advertising, branding and packaging all to promote sales and everything everywhere and every day it’s sales, sales and sales.

Who has been left out by the social media? no one! Everyone is on social media which has been the
daily bread of most individuals for the past decade to date.

What dominates discussions on social media? Selling products think of Amazon, Alibaba and Be Forward. On social media you bring the potential customer to visit the organization’s website(s) for more information, or to contact the organization for more information, or to interact with the organization via social media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Social values also play a major role in consumer decision processes. Sales and the selling procedure begins on social where everyone will be looking forward to do successful business interactions. In this context you cannot dismiss the notion that selling concept is found in whatever activity we perform everyday.

Believe me man, nowadays everything is sales, everyone is a salesperson and sales are involved in whatever you do everyday in all corners of the society.

If you feel passionately about growing your business empire, sales is the key in whatever industry you can invest in.



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