Are you a sales person? Do you always have to put more effort and commitment in your work to get the results?

Are you a business owner? Is your business under performing even after burning so many midnight lamps?

You may have been neglecting quite a number of things, being so disheartening and frustrating, because of which the business is less appealing to the market. Here are a few sales lessons l have learnt after failing in my business:- 

Have a clearly well defined selling strategy 

“Sell, sell, sell”. Why? I realise that selling without a strategy is much ado about nothing, and too many entrepreneurs get stuck in the “doing” and in thinking that the selling will just follow. It doesn’t; instead you will be wasting time and resources for nothing .

Focus on your sales strategy from the very start or get an external consultant to help you if necessary. A proper selling strategy involves developing a pragmatic process that shortens sales cycles and gets results quickly without wasting time and resources for more profit.

Develop an insight of what is around you

Quite a number of businesses and sales people are so ignorant as they just sell, sell and sell without an idea of what the market is like.

I have noticed that as a salesperson you must invest in yourself, your health, and your learning otherwise you become the lid and the limiting factor in your business. Read widely, learn from experts in your industry, and continuously seek to make new distinctions that will help drive your business forward in such a competitive market environment.

Work hard

Working hard is the most important element towards the success of any business. Hard work is needed, but it is not enough. I have noticed that we must all stand back from our businesses and work smart, not just hard.

In other words, don’t get stuck in the operations, delegate out what you can as soon as you can and keep trying to do yourself out of a job so you can lead your business to success.

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Good organisational and time keeping skills

Negligence has resulted in failure of most if not all businesses. Negligence also results in financial loss, poor selling appeal and time wastage on less important things.

Real time sales person should be well organised and good at time keeping to be successful.


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Proper choice of work

Spend time finding your purpose, it will help keep you on the right track. This is particularly useful when you are having tough days as it reminds you why you’re doing all of this work. Also, it gives additional meaning to your working life which can only stand to benefit you in the long run.

Why do you have to focus on multiple tasks at a time? Focusing on multiple tasks consumes and waste a lot of time and money covering unnecessary costs compared to the value you obtain at the end of the day. Executing several things means failure since you wont be able to do everything efficiently spoiling the quality of products and services after all such hard work.

Sales and non sales people are caught inside this trap thinking more work will bring more reward but rather multi-tasking hinders skills development and perfection for instance a depth product knowledge which satisfies a customer during the selling process. In this regard without proper explanation and descriptions given to customers how can they buy the products?

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Consider market research first

You can never do enough market research and how do you know which product to sell at a given time? I have noticed that this is an ever changing world and we need to keep up.

Most businesses will do some form of market research at the start, but if you want to be as competitive as possible, you have to continuously challenge yourself to find the latest needs of customers.

The more you can find out their needs, the better you’ll be able to service them. Consider this a first priority or the business fails.


When you think or realise that your businesses is under preforming and less appealing , this a turning point regard all these challenges you are facing as opportunities . Why not setting up positive examples which matters a lot to others?



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