The business market has become so positive and ever changing such that sales people have adopted some ways to just stay alive in business.

Just like politicians, sales people have developed a tendency of using deceptive methods and lies to lure clients into buying their products.

Though it is dangerous and unethical, most if not all sales persons have considered this a survival strategy. The successful salespeople use tricks and techniques; after all selling is like doing magic, right? 

Below l shall explore some of the tricks they use:-


Most sales persons do it by telling the client that the stock is scarce and was selling like crazy, the sales person sets the customer up to believe that time is short and he better decide now, or the opportunity to capitalise on the stock will be gone forever.

This is a tactic most salesmen use making their clients panic into believing that the commodity is scarce.


In order to gain trust from their customers, a sales person would fake his identity.

Like for instance the name of the company is “AT Styles”, the sales person may call himself “Chris Styles” and say that “AT Styles” was his father. This immediately buys the sales rep enough credibility with the customer.

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Sales people would sometimes send the same email message twice intentionally to one customer or repeated phone calls five to ten  minutes apart.

He pretends to apologize in the second one, saying the first bounced back. In the end he begins to persuade the customer again making him feel like he is so lucky.

Peer Competition

Sales people capitalise on the idea that people feel compelled to act as their peers do. Hence salesmen always say that the stock is hot and lots of people are driving up the price.

He demonstrates this by “opening his door” so that the customer can hear the activity on his “trading floor”.


In some cases sales people instead of pursuing the customers, they take the sale away from the customer twice pretending like they have no time or patience the product is already on high demand. This makes customers buy the products not having fully decided.

After stirring customer’s desires and doing two takeaways, the sales person shuts up and waits for the client to make the next move and in one way or the other the customer will be under pressure to buy.


To conclude this, every sales person must know that there is no place for lying in professional or ethical sales and in any given situation a successful salesperson must feel the same way, and I hope you are all doing the same.



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