The pricing issue is the most important factor which determines making a sale or losing a customer especially when the prices are too high.

Top selling people must develop some effective techniques to sell more of these highly expensive items, despite their relatively high prices.

Some salespeople price their products very highly and do quite well at selling them and here are some of the methods the use.

State the high price in tangible terms

A smart salesman can make a high price seem lower by expressing it in the context of tangible goods, your prospect is likely to appreciate and value.

Always compare the cost of your high-priced item to the cost of an airline ticket or a three-star hotel room. The idea is to bring your product into your prospect’s comfort zone right next to products and services he or she already deems worthy.

Under such circumstances a prospect may find it worthy to buy the product at such a higher price considering the value.

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Focus on good customer service

If a price-sensitive customer is going to pay a little bit more for your offering than a competitor’s similar offering at a lower price, they need to know that they’re getting some added value.

The most efficient and reliable way to add value comes in the form of customer service. Good customer service can overcome a myriad of deficiencies in other areas.

By paying attention to things like online support, fast delivery, and convenient return and exchange policies, you can build lasting relationships with customers who will always prefer your products/services irregardless of high prices.


A smart salesperson may repack the high-priced item to increase its perceived value.

Make your product seem more like a bargain by packaging it in a way that increases its perceived value. In this case an expensive plough could be bundled with a seed pack, pesticides, and a bag of fertilizer as a total hunger solution.

In this context a prospect is likely to buy the product without looking at the prize.

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Attach value to your product

Increase the perception of value within your product. When handling a prospect always capitalise on the idea that many higher-priced products have more long-term value than their cheaper competitors.

For example, cellular manufacturers tend to market their products by specifying both the price and the length of the warranty which nearly always works out to be almost exactly how long the products last in service. So, a $100 cellular that normally lasts for 60 months is a better value than a $50 cellular that normally lasts for 36 months.

Why a Datsun is Datsun, and a Ferrari is Ferrari?

If you want to sell at higher prices and still want to increase the volume of sales, always gather and display testimonials, product ratings, and favourable data about your product on the box, the shelf, or your website. All of this tends to normalize your high price and make it more reasonable.

Social proof in the form of testimonials, ratings, and numbers of users is one of the best methods as it can go a long way toward making price concerns seem foolish.

After all, if 200,000 people are using the solution and they didn’t ’t think it was too expensive, so why not doing the same for such an exciting convenience experience.

Create a sense of Luxury

It’s hard to sell expensive products in environments that look inferior and cheap. Dealing with your prospect in luxury throughout their experience makes paying for the indulgence more palatable, which probably makes them price insensitive.

Create a luxurious environment around you be it your work area, website or social media sites and no matter how your prices are, more prospects will be attracted by such luxurious environments. Prospects will always believe that such luxury exists in your products as well no matter how expensive they are.

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Succeed and grow your business today, just neutralize the perception of expense or lack of affordability, sell your goods at prices which makes a multi-millionaire fast.



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