Sales rejection is something difficult to go through especially if it happens twice. Overcoming sales rejection is a real challenge for some young inexperienced salespeople. The thought of losing a deal can be absolutely heartbreaking.

But smart experienced salespeople focus on winning for a second.

Every rejection provides you with an incredible opportunity to distinguish yourself as a salesperson and rise to the top of the pack as you’ll encounter how you can transform each into an opportunity to forge forward.

Follow up

Sales rejection gives you a perfect opportunity to improve the quality of your products and if you’ve developed solutions to specific objections, stay on the grind and follow up with your prospects.

Keep them posted with changes and improvements to your product via emails or social media that could win them over.

If they reject again, or don’t respond, email them again also making necessary changes to your products and services. In the long run when the time is right they will need your services.

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Sales rejection gives you a real time opportunity to find out what the people really expect from your business. Do research to know your prospects in intimate detail.

Know exactly what they are looking for even before they even know it, show how your product or service gives it to them, and be honest and human.

Hence sales rejection is really a benefit to a smart sales person who takes it as an opportunity to know better about the customers.

Skills evaluation

Know your strengths and weaknesses from sales rejections you are facing. Prepare a skills evaluation for yourself.

Practice your pitches, record your rehearsals, and prepare your responses to common objections.

Knowing how your voice and expressions change as you talk about different things can help you gain better control of them and improve the quality of your in-person, video chat, email, social and phone pitches.

Every challenge can be turned into an opportunity know yourself, turn every rejection into an opportunity.

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Gain experience

Top sales people know well that every sales rejection is a learning opportunity.

Just explore each transaction in detail to identify what went wrong and what went right. Sometimes, the source of a rejection is related to external factors on the client’s side.

Sometimes it’s the result of your competition beating you to the punch or offering a better deal. And sometimes your product just isn’t a match for what your lead wants. You can’t improve your sales if you don’t identify why your pitches fail.

Build trust

Consider every rejection an opportunity, if a prospect is asking for other good alternatives out there, name a few good competitors around you.

It demonstrates honesty and confidence.

But of course be prepared to point out why customers choose you over others. This can build a long lasting relationship with the prospect who might become your loyal customer and refer others to you.

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Rejection is a starting point in sales and every challenge is an opportunity!

If you want to be a great salesperson, learn to keep emotions under control and overcome rejections as they are part of the growth process.



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