Tactics which salespeople use sometimes ultimately lead to losing a customer. Sometimes closing a deal can be a tricky and trying task, but if you know the essential things to avoid, you should have an easier time closing deals.

Here are some annoying habits you must completely avoid when making a sale or building a relationship with customers.

“You Don’t Need A Big Close As Many Sales Reps Believe. You Risk Losing Your Customer When You Save All The Good Stuff For The End. Keep The Customer Actively Involved Throughout Your Presentation, And Watch Your Results Improve.”

– Harvey Mackay


Long lasting relationships with clients are built on trust. This implies that the best sales people always say only what they are going to do and do only what they said they will do and they never lie about what they cannot do.

Top sales people are seen by their customers as allies and customers are always willing to open up to you because they know they can trust you. Lying is very unprofessional and must be avoided at all as it damages your reputation as well as the business’s.

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Being unreachable

Sometimes trying to locate a sales personnel without any luck can be really frustrating to customers particularly when there is an urgent need.

Smart sellers are always available and responsive whenever they are needed by their customers. In situations where you won’t be available, always make it a point to let your clients know who will be taking care of business while you are away.

Hence a sales rep must not unanimously go unreachable as this might cause customers to relocate to a competitor who will attend to their urgent needs.

Focusing on yourself

Sales are generally directed conversations and if you try to dominate the conversation, you will turn your customers off and lose the deal completely. Being too pushy is a product of not understanding what the true goal of sales should be that is creating value.

Helping to meet your customers’ needs first will help you to see how the conversation should function and will help you come off as being less pushy. Noble salespeople don’t care much about making profits and they don’t make desperate efforts to close a deal instead they pay more attention to customer satisfaction.

Always put your clients first and in order to achieve success, you must always try to get a clear picture of your clients’ business, opportunities, challenges, objectives and goals.

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Showing up unprepared

You must never make appointments with customers when unprepared for the conversation or without a full understanding of the product as well as its benefits.

The same applies to cold calls, never ever make a cold call without a full understanding of the prospect’s background. This might cause you to wrongly pronounce the prospect’s name or their company, this will show the prospect that you are ignorant and that you don’t care.

Take your clients very seriously, and as such, never show up unprepared. Always take adequate time to get ready for each appointment and always try to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Not listening

Inexperienced salespeople sometimes turn off the prospect and this is where they lose the deal as they don’t listen at all.

Always avoid talking with an intention to convince, rather do the talking with an intention to explore and understand.

When you come off as aggressive or offensive, customers tend to become defensive and annoyed and you will lose the deal completely.

When listening you are open to the possibility that you are wrong and that comes with maturity and professionalism.


Taking note of the Dos and Don’ts is the fundamental principle towards success in selling! Avoid certain annoying habits and close as many deals as possible.



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