5 Realities your Sales Team must know about B2B Buyers to Increase Business in 2020

5 Realities your Sales Team must know about B2B Buyers to Increase Business in 2020 - Mittatiger Enterprises - Business Growth Training and Coaching

Consumer habits are constantly changing, and what your customers want and expect today is different from what they wanted and expected just five years ago. Buyers are more inclined towards self-navigating the decision-making process as they learn about new vendors and solutions.

They are demanding more relevant content and outreach from sales when they’re ready to make a purchase but prefer to remain anonymous at the pre-buying process. Here are some 5 Realities your Sales Team must know about B2B Buyers in 2020:-

Customers seek helpful information

Customers are more channel-agnostic as they seek the information they need to feel confident about a particular product or service. Customers are equally open towards receiving helpful information through either in-person or digital channels.

Therefore B2B sales leaders must drive customer value through the valuable and content-rich information specifically designed towards helping customers take their buying tasks more effectively, and this information can be shared or published on company websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

Customers are generally skeptical of sales reps

B2B buyers are generally skeptical of seller claims and moreover prefer data-backed evidence. Customers are increasingly joining buying groups and as a result, they are holding more influence in decisions. They are more than twice as likely as baby boomers to be skeptical of claims.

Perhaps growing up in the era of information abundance makes buyers so comfortable doing their own research that they don’t trust sales reps to help them anymore.

B2B buyers rely on online sources

B2B buyers rely on online sources to search for new vendors. Most of the B2B buyers use more online sources such as Capterra, Technologyadvice, Trustradius, etc to name a few to research products and services than ever before and almost half of them say that web search is a key way they learn about new solutions.

Social media

Some of the B2B buyers rely on social media to research vendors and solutions provided by these vendors. LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for B2B buyers. A number of B2B customers indicate that social media is very important or somewhat important in finding information about vendors, products or services.

Vendor websites

Today’s customers have access to not only more information, but also to more high-quality and trustworthy information. This is not a relatively new situation but still presents a challenge, as it delays direct interaction with suppliers.

B2B buyers always indicate that vendor websites are an important resource in their decision-making process. While buyers learn about products and solutions via vendors’ websites, they are nearly 60% down the sales path by the time they engage with a brand’s website.


Evaluating how buyers research new vendors, what content is useful to them, and how social media and other resources play a role in the B2B buying process is critical in understanding how best to reach your customers and do better in sales.

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