6 Key Trends in 2019 to Achieve Success in B2B Sales

6-Key-Trends-in-2019-to-Achieve-Success-in-B2B-Sales - Mittaltiger Enterprises

Are you still dealing with previous trends to achieve success in B2B sales?

Here are some new six trend predictions which will guarantee your achievement. These are the trends which will shape the world of B2B sales in this year 2019.

Automate your sales prospecting

You will have to adapt to a system where you store all your customer and prospect data in one database and smart algorithms and search queries provide the list of the best prospects for all your sales reps, which will by far create the best platform so effective in advanced prospecting enabling you to close as many sales deals as possible.

Adding new external data sources into your scoring algorithms, will also allow you to predict future demand much more precisely.

Social Selling

Develop a culture of using the social media to explore relationships with leads already expressing familiarity with your products and services.

Your sales reps can easily provide value to prospects on social media by answering their questions and introducing them to useful content.

Social selling will help you create and keep up good relationships with customers, sell your products online and create a brand loyalty as well as gathering customer feedback to help you improve the quality of your products and services.

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Account-based selling becomes entrenched

This sales method enables you to focus your resources on closing deals with accounts that will make a significant impact on their bottom lines rather than chasing down inbound leads that happen to come their way.

Contemporary technology provides even better ways to target such accounts and personalize the sales and marketing approach. Account based selling is becoming increasingly influential and reliable in the world of selling as it saves time shortening the sales cycle for more profit and business growth.

Automated email marketing

Automated email marketing will enable your sales reps to be more efficient. This involves customizing emails to prospects and addressing their problems.

All email subject lines will be structured based on what will lure prospects to open them. Such emails must be short, precise and straight to the point, highlighting the purpose in the beginning as well as the potential benefits for the prospect.

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Face to face meetings

Face-to-face communications are necessary and are needed even more than before.

Sales reps can also form and keep strong ties with clients via phone and web conferencing. Sales reps can use technology to increase their productivity and to personalize their outreach making work much more easier for them, but it is also important for them to use more time for more human interaction.

Human connections will build more trust and strengthen relationships with customers.

Customer data

Top sales people focus on effective customer data and ensuring that they have accurate and reliable customer information across sales, marketing and service departments. Keeping notes about sales calls and data from channels such as chat, social media is mandatory also.

This helps in improving customer service and experience, predicting future product or service demand and also developing prospecting skills.


Technology makes work more easier for salespeople in the digital dominated market and it can be used to formulate relevant suggested actions that are, based on data, most likely to lead to the best possible outcome and success in B2B sales.

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