Mittaltiger Enterprises is Franchisor / Master Partner of following franchises holding local and global marketing and sales agreements.

“Kaapi Hut” is a QSR café serving traditional South Indian Filter Coffee and Tea in different flavours, south Indian beverages and sodas such as Coconut Water, Jeera soda, Ginger soda, Kokam soda etc. It also serves “Indian Fast Food” – along with coffee – such as cookies, namkeens, puffs, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, wraps / rolls / parothas, buns / paws, samosas, rice bowls etc.

Kaapihut™ is the brand of Mittaltiger Enterprises. Its idea is to spread the goodness and exclusivity of pure South Indian Filter Coffee and make it an experience that all can appreciate and relish. It has successfully franchised the concept and to this, it has added other traditional delicacies and snacks including sale of coffee powder, savouries (mixture and varieties), beverage powders, squashes and more.

It has a culture of excellence rooted in ancient wisdom and we believe in sharing the spirit of goodness and happiness throughout. Its inspiration has been the Filter coffee concept, the true speciality of South India.

The spirit behind Kaapihut™ is a team of dedicated professionals who believe in the translation of ancient wisdom with the aid of modern technology. With a strong and ethical business sense and amazing variety, it has slowly crafted an edifice of success–the edifice of the Kaapi brand.

Mittaltiger Enterprises is the Franchisor of Kaapihut™. We are looking for Master Franchisees, Area Franchisees, Franchisees all over the globe.