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If you are a beginner and can’t wrap your head around, where to start your website? where to host your website? what are the best shared web hosting providers or ways? then let us solve your problem because shared web hosting is one of the best and most economical way out there for all the beginners.

If you are looking forward to launching your website for the first time and want to know which shared web hosting provider is well suited for you then we have got all your needs covered.

Once the traffic on your website grows you can usefully dedicated or semi-dedicated servers but in the beginning, shared web hosting is the most economical way to go with, that’s why we have made a list of 10 best web hosting providers with all the details that you need to know to make a well-informed decision.

All the features you need to evaluate in your package

When we say shared web hosting it basically means that there are multiple websites that are getting served by a single server and this method is used as it is the most economical way for beginner even though it has its own limitations.

There are certain features that every individual customer should look for whenever they are taking a package from any shared web hosting provider-

  • Server uptime- it is vital that the server you are buying the package from has a high reliability and great server uptime with minimum downtime.
  • All the trivia regarding technical specification.
  • The type of hosting services that your server is providing.
  • What is the platform of hosting?
  • Having secure socket layer certification
  • Bandwidth
  • Refundability
  • Control panel
  • Software of database server
  • Location of hosting server

All the features need to carefully evaluated in terms of your needs and what would you require to do with your website.


Siteground is extensively known for its customer support system having more than 400 employees and approximately 500000+ domains under them.

Siteground is one of the top most shared web hosting providers well known for its reliability and customer support in technical assistance while using their server. They have an astounding record of server uptime having remarkable website support.

They also provide dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and reseller hosting along with shared web hosting in which they have a flawless record.

It is one of the most trusted web hosting providers with 30 days money back guaranteed making it one of finest choice for any beginner as they are highly reliable al9ong with having chat support and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.


It ranks on number two after siteground and for all the right reasons it deserves to be there.

Bluehost is owned by endurance international group having more than 2 million domains. Though in best shared web hosting providers ranking globally Bluehost is number 2 but in WordPress hosting Bluehost is finest recommended by WordPress itself.

It provides shared hosting, vps hosting, word press hosting along with reseller and dedicated hosting.

The features that make it stand out are strong up time, and remarkable security level along with phenomenal customer support. It offers 30-day money back guarantee and per month charges for domain are 3.95 dollars.


It is one of the most widely used shared web hosting providers, and is highly renowned and suited for WordPress hosting. Wpengine stands out because of its automatic site backup, and 100% uptime guaranteed.

It is one of the finest shared web hosting providers out there. Having all the necessary features that are required for professional blog writing for which it is highly recommended.

It is also known for its fast website migration, great customer support and dedicated server along with remarkably fast CDN service.

It has a 60-day money back guarantee though the price per month is 35 dollars so, that can be comparatively expensive, but it’s all worth it.


Though it is not widely known but whoever uses it is well aware for quintessential values. It has more 1500+ customers across the globe being one of the biggest shared web hosting providers the customer service is absolutely remarkable with content consumer all around the world.

Though it is just 7-year-old the amount of progress it has made is absolutely remarkable.

Some of the widely served fields are shared hosting, vps hosting along with dedicated server hosting.

It is the among the best shared web hosting providers for small businesses considering the affordability and features.

The instant website loading speed is surely admirable along with live chat support with 45 days money back guarantee and the cost is also just 2.95 dollars per month, that’s steal for this good deal.


It is known for its absolutely authentic premium and highly reliable solution that is unlike any other shared web hosting provider.

Their team of experts is highly reliable and friendly that will be there for your support at any time.

It is known for its affordable packages as it is best for VPS hosting and shared web hosting. It offers a free domain for 12 months along with having an SSL certificate, it probably is the best deal available out there for you with almost no cost for 12 months and even after that the per month cost is just 2.15 dollars, that is comparatively highly low for this amazing service.

Inmotion hosting

Two of the things that are the forte of immotion hosting are quick site speed along instant customer support all the technical assistance you need they are the very best in providing that.

The company is experienced to deliver the quality and speed that they promise with remarkable uptime.

They provide free domain, free data backup, and even their site performance is remarkably good.

They provide you with money back guarantee of 90 days, when the per month package costs 3.49 per month.


In the beginning it was established as a web service provider that registered domain names but afterward it got re-launched as web host provider. It is also managed by endurance international group just like blue host.

It is well renowned for providing the most affordable packages that makes it one of the most widely used web hosting provider amongst the small and medium scale businesses.

It provides all the different kinds of services from WordPress hosting to vps hosting and even dedicated and shared hosting.

The best thing about it is that single hosting package will allow unlimited domains, 30 days money back guaranteed to 1.99 dollar per month cost.


it is known for offering the cheapest services with unlimited bandwidth that is one of the best features that web hosting provider can offer. If you have a small business then GoDaddy is your best choice as it has all the features in its package that makes it the superior choice than other shared web hosting providers.

It provides all the different kinds of hosting services from shared web hosting to Linux, windows, WordPress and dedicated hosting services.

Their security is astounding with discounted prices and reliable support along with 99.9% uptime guaranteed that makes it one of the best choices for all the beginners out there, who are looking forward to create a website. It offers 45 days money back with 1 dollar /month.


It is probably one of the most experienced German web hosting company that was founded back in 1988 making them highly reliable and quintessential, with astounding customer support.

They have highly affordable packages making them widely used all around the world along with 12-month free domain and fast answering customer service making them quintessential and reliable.

They offer 30-day money back guarantee and their package cost 0.99 dollar/ month.


They are one of the most reliable and with astounding uptime guaranteed service provider that makes them one of the best shared web hosting providers.

Their customer support is remarkable as their team of expert is always willing to offer you all the technical assistance you need to control your website.

There loading speed is very fast compared to other shared web hosting providers that also gives them an edge against other service providers. They guarantee 99.9% uptime making your website always up having high reliability.

They offer a 30-day money back guaranteed while their package costs 3.92 dollar / month.


These are the best web hosting for beginners all though there are other options too choosing one of the above-mentioned companies means you are choosing one of the top rated and most trusted shared web hosting providers.

You can go through all the providers that are mentioned above and you will be able to make a web hosting comparison depending upon your requirement.

All the companies that are listed above are highly ranked as they have an enormous amount of already registered domains and high reliability that made them a part of 10 best shared web hosting providers.

You can choose any provider at the beginning as the traffic is not that much but as gradually your customer reach will increase you may need to upgrade your package or go for any other kind of web hosting that can be semi or even fully dedicated server depending on your use.

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