No, we are NOT competing with – because we have totally different business models. Here are the 2 main differences :-

1. is a B2B Marketplace i.e. it is a just an open platform for you to let the world know that you are either buying or selling some product in B2B space.

2. Alibaba does NOT supply/bill itself

1. is a Global B2B Sourcing Hub or Club i.e. once you join you can place a RFQ on products across 60+ product categories and 6+ industries. You get first 3 quotations free of cost on a RFQ.

2. procures and transports the products for you. This includes sourcing, processing if required, transporting, storing, and billing.

Refer the image below which just lists points, on a paper, that differentiates Alibaba vs SourceM2C.