Our domain name brokerage services are result oriented

All our domain brokerage services do NOT require an upfront payment.!

Do you suffer from these:

  • Unable to get hold of prospective buyers?
  • Unable to pick the right venue to sell your domain name?
  • Lack of understanding the process of domain selling?
  • Not knowing the right value of domain name property?
  • Lack of in-house sales and legal team?

Domain Brokerage Services

Inbound Domain Brokerage

We will list your domain name on a custom landing page, suggest a price, and manage your leads from negotiation to closing of escrow. All you have to do is point your domain name to your custom landing page and we will take care of the rest. Once we begin negotiations with a prospective buyer, we will notify you and keep you in the loop through the whole process. Let us handle your domain name portfolio and leads by utilizing our industry expertise to maximize your long-term returns.

Outbound Domain Brokerage

The buyer doesn’t always come looking for you, and that is why we offer to find the buyer for you. We have a unique approach to outbound domain name brokerage and can find the right buyer for the right domain name. Your domain will be presented in a professional way to professional buyers. Our methods are proven to generate sales, and our extensive contact list and trusted industry name can open doors and put your domain name in front of decision makers.

Auction Domain Brokerage

Auctioning your domain name is the fastest and most efficient way to sell a domain. We have premier accounts with the best auction houses in the industry and have a following that is unsurpassed by anyone else. We have sold millions worth of domain names at auction, and know how to list, manage, and market domain name auctions to maximize your returns, quickly.


  • assignment

    Sellers send domain portfolio, sign up exclusive brokerage contract with Mittaltiger Holdings.

  • group

    Broker conducts extensive marketing, contacts prospects and assists on price negotiation.

  • account_balance

    Transaction initiated, broker takes care of every step.

  • shopping_basket

    All processes completed, transaction done.

Domain Name Types we Broker

.com domains:

  • 2 letter .com or 3 letter .com
  • 2 number .com, 3 number .com or 4 number .com
  • Premium 4 letter .com (e.g. lala.com or bata.com)
  • Premium 5 or 6 number .com (e.g. 88888.com or 888888.com)
  • Letter Number .com (e.g. F1.com)
  • Number Letter .com (e.g. as 8A.com)
  • Portfolio of Chinese premium LLLL.com (without a,e,i,o,u,v)
  • Premium PINYIN .com
  • Portfolio of Indian, Indonesian, Nigerian, Arabic premium 2 letter .com or 3 letter .com or 4 letter .com (e.g. Lala.com or Banji.com or Oga.com or Tugas.com)
  • Simple and frequently used premium one-Word English dictionary .com (e.g. Business.com)

.net, .org, .cc, .co, .io domains

  • 2 letter or 3 letter
  • 2 number or 3 number
  • Simple and frequently used premium one-Word English dictionary

.in, .id, .ng, .ae, .sg domains

  • Simple and frequently used premium one-Word English dictionary (e.g. Trademark.in or Tugas.id or Okada.ng or Tijara.ae)
  • premium 2 letter or 3 letter or 4 letter (e.g. Baba.in)
  • 3 number or 4 number (e.g. 786.in or 8880.in)

New gTLDs

  • Simple and frequently used premium one-Word English dictionary words (e.g. Waterside.Apartments or Screws.Forsale)
  • CHIP or PINYIN with gTLDs approved in China (e.g. FuKe.Life)

Have domain names which don't fit above criteria? List them on our discounted services marketplace at NameBazaar.co


Our domain name brokerage services are result oriented, and for that reason, we keep our fees competitive, and fair.

Domain Name Sale Price Our Brokerage Fee
$5,000 - $24,999 18%
$25,000 - $99,999 15%
$100,000 - $499,999 12%
$500,000 + 9%
*All prices are in USD

Brokerage FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?
Escrow / Paypal / TT / Bitcoin.
What is the process involved?
From the moment you contact us, we are there for you. Our only goal is to ensure you sell your domain name at a fair price and to offer you a seamless, thorough, and painless experience from initial contact through the closing of escrow.
What Guarantee do you provide?
We offer our brokerage services to you at absolutely zero risks, and zero upfront cost. You never pay us unless we sell the domain name for you. Period. Running a business is risky enough as it is, selling your domain name shouldn’t be.
Do you maintain Privacy?
We guarantee to keep any personal information you provide us strictly confidential. *Sale prices are, however, reported to provide our industry with more data unless otherwise requested.
Do you offer services to nonprofit organizations?
Yes, send us a message and we'll set you up on our nonprofit services and pricing. Infact, we trade our own investments to raise funds for non-profits.
Contact us for any further questions at contact@mittaltiger.com.
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