Contrary to what most people believe, money is not the primary motivator for top salespeople but rather doing good for the world is their top priority.

Market research has revealed that, top salesmen all had a far more pronounced sense of purpose than their more average counterparts.

The salespeople who sell with a noble purpose, always try to be unique to customers and they consistently outsell the salespeople who focus on sales goals and money.

Noble driven salespeople always consider the effects of their products to customers.

Instead of just selling a million units consider helping a million customers. As a noble driven salesperson consider your sales targets as well as improving the customer’s experience.

Replicating a noble mindset in the selling business is the top priority of top-performing salespeople. Top performing sales leaders can induce that mindset across their organizations.

Great salespeople are always challenged to do something for their customers. Sometimes when leaders believe that their sole purpose is to produce a profit, they tend to view their customers as objects. Customers are no longer human beings; they are anonymous targets and prospects whose sole purpose is to help the company make money. That kind of language creates a culture that says, we don’t exist to do something for our customers; customers exist to do something for us. People no longer care about helping customers; they just want to make money off them and that’s not what noble driven salespeople do.

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A noble sales purpose sometimes is about making your clients more successful, or just to make a difference in your industry. Great salespeople always consider making their products safer, consumable, and more reliable. If you do this then you win big contracts away from major competitors because your sales force’s primary aim is to improve the customer’s condition.

Well-known successful marketing officers have revealed that, salespeople who have sold with a noble purpose, who truly wanted to be outstanding to customers, consistently outsold the salespeople who focused on sales goals and money.

For example chief marketing officer Jim Stengel, revealed that “those who center their business on improving people’s lives have a growth rate triple that of their competitors, and they outperform the market by a huge margin”.

Similarly, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras of Built to Last fame determined that organizations driven by purpose and values outperformed the market by 15 to one, and outperformed comparison companies by six to one.

In conclusion, a noble purpose engages the people’s passion, and its a path we may all take to become exceptional and successful. You are one of them point your team toward a noble sales purpose. It is true great salespeople are driven by a noble purpose.


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