Well basically sales is a continuous and an ongoing activity where one fulfils a need of another by showcasing and providing a solution. This solution could be in a shape of product or service or mix of both. The another pays some thing to the one as a gesture of goodness or happiness. This some thing could be a currency or any thing valuable.

In current century or modern era most of the payments are done by either physical or digital currency. The exchange of valuable goods between one and another (known as Barter System) does not or partially exist.

In modern world the sales definition is very straight forward.

As per Investopedia

A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives goods—either tangible or intangible—services, and/or assets in exchange for money or in some cases, other assets paid to a seller. In the financial markets, a sale can also refer to an agreement that a buyer and seller make regarding the price of a security.

As per Hubspot

The term, “sales”, encompasses all activities involved in selling a product or service to a consumer or business. But “sales” means so much more for businesses.

What all does sales or selling involve?

Selling involves a lot of stuff but the important ones without which selling as a process won’t even exist are :-

  • Problem (a need)
  • Product (a solution to problem)
  • Market (the place of transaction)
  • Customers (the ones who buy)
  • Payment (the mode of transaction)

A sale determines that the seller provides the buyer with a good or service, in exchange for a specific amount of money or particular assets.

To complete a sale, both the buyer and the seller have to be considered to be competent to make the transaction. They also both have to be in agreement regarding the specific terms of the sale.

Also, the good or service that is being offered has to actually be available to purchase and the seller has to have the authority to transfer the item or service to the buyer. This is what markets provide – a platform where products are available to be sold and bought.

In this age Internet is the biggest Market. In early days of trade sellers and buyers used to flock bazaars, mandis etc to do transactions. Now-a-days, what seller has to do is:

  • find a product
  • build a website or get registered with an online marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy whatever
  • start selling

Setting up and Doing business in 21st century has become easy, very easy.

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What does sales or selling mean to you?

Take a moment to think about and define what the word ”selling” means to you. Every time sales executives are asked to define ”selling,” the answers they give are:-

  • Selling is a process of persuasion to get a prospect to take action
  • Selling is finding a need and filling that need
  • Selling is an exchange of goods or services for money
  • Selling is walking the road of agreement with the customer
  • Selling is an art
  • Selling is a science
  • Selling is a transaction
  • Selling is relationship building
  • Selling is a consultative process
  • Selling is hustling
  • Selling is all about trust
  • Selling is to create magic
  • Selling is to solve a problem

There are as many definitions of selling as there are stars in the sky. Everyone has a different definition of the word “selling”.

What’s important in this thought process? Once you define what selling is, the definition will influence how you sell.

  • If you believe that selling is an art, then you will try to grow your art, and chances are that you will try to find creative ways to overcome all obstacles that stand in the way of the sale.
  • If you define selling as a science, then you will try to deploy more scientific tools to achieve greater sales.
  • If you believe that selling is all about relationships, chances are that you will focus more on establishing a meaningful emotional and cognitive connection with your prospect.

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