One of the biggest challenges being faced by salespeople today is chasing prospects.

Following up prospects blindly is absolutely unethical, dangerous and can be avoided entirely and instead you can make prospects chase you.

Avoid unnecessary embarrassments

In most circumstances salespeople face increasing resistance to cold calling, as well as increasing flakiness on the part of prospects who do meet with them.

Most of the prospects would respond this way, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, you have no idea what my goals are, you don’t even know if we need what you’re selling and in spite of all that, you’ve decided to waste my time anyway with this call. Hence following up a cold prospect is like chasing up the wind.

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Value your time

It is important to note that prospects are increasingly bombarded with endless advertising as well as endless salespeople every day hence following them up is like chasing the wind as you will always get appointments with flakey time-wasters who will never buy.

In the end you will be working very hard for little value and money considering your input. Hence it is important to stop wasting time chasing up a cold prospect.

Avoid Desperation

Desperation completely destroys your appearance to the market.

Once you start making cold calls and following up prospects blindly, you seem desperate and as soon as you look desperate, it’s over! As its raises a lot of questions to the already unbelieving prospects who are always bombarded by unknown salespeople everyday.

Desperation takes away all the confidence which a salesperson needs to convert prospects into loyal customers. Stop looking desperate and avoid chasing up cold prospects.

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Be Unique

The only way to win prospects is to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Cold calling is so inconveniencing as it always bother prospects time and again from many salespeople and hence customers always want to do business with salespeople who respect and value them so much.

You must be treating prospects as superiors and as a result develop a strong tendency of doing whatever is convenient for them. Make a difference now and let them chase you instead.

Beat competition

Prospects are tired of salespeople who approach them through cold calls such that there are very little chances of closing deals via cold calls.

A potential salesperson approaches prospects and delivers his message across them in ways that don’t use cold calling. By the time you get to them, you won’t have any competition enabling you to close as many deals as possible instead of wasting time following up flakey time-wasting prospects.

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Stop chasing and following up prospects blindly or risk facing complete denial!

Be nothing more than just a powerful salespeople driven by a noble purpose and all the prospects shall follow you.

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