Learn 6 Types of Bad Intros Salespeople make during Cold Calling

Learn 6 Types of Bad Intros Salespeople make during Cold Calling - Mittaltiger Enterprises

Selling and marketing products or services over the phone is one of the most popular forms of doing business nowadays, and also it is one of the most difficult forms of hunting prospects who mostly hung-up cold calls, from many salespeople who bombard them daily.

However, if hang-ups persist, something’s wrong with your intros.

Here are some band intros salespeople make during cold calls. If you’re making one of these bad intros, it is time to take corrective action immediately.


During cold calls mispronunciation is the number one reason prospects hung up on sales reps and it’s impossible to recover from.

A wrong pronunciation of the prospect’s or their company name signals that the sales rep didn’t do his or her research and frankly doesn’t care, such that the prospect hangs up immediately.

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Not Mentioning the Referrer

Many sales reps do not even try to mention the name of the referrer in the intro and it is here, that the prospect hangs up. Mentioning a referrer upon making the call can help in many different ways.

Sometimes a referral helps you gain trust in the minds of the prospect as the referrer would be someone, they know off.

As a sales rep, it is important to know that a referred call can be the first step towards success in any given situation. If you are calling through a referral, the chances of a positive outcome is high.

Hence, it is of prime importance to mention the name of the referrer if you have any.


Some reps would not let the customer speak and this is one of the major mistakes committed time and again.

By being too aggressive and controlling, you give away an impression to your prospects that you are not going to be a solution provider, rather, just a sales rep who is trying to achieve a target.

Most cold calls fail here as you do not create a good impression. Hence, it becomes important to listen to your prospect more so that they get a feeling that you understand their problems.

Create an atmosphere throughout the call that they feel quite good about sharing their concerns. Not listening to the prospect is one of the mistakes many salespeople commit and is often rated as a classic cold calling mistake.

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Not Providing The Solution

Salespeople keep on rambling about the product without actually saying something that is important and of some value during the intro of the call.

This also develops a feeling of mistrust in the minds of the prospects and they would feel greatly inconvenienced before hanging up on you.

Before a cold call, it is important for you to know your customer. Knowing the customer means, knowing their concerns, their worries and why are they looking to jump ship .

It is important for you to know that the prospect you are looking at has many sellers to buy from. What they look at is if the product offered solves their problem or not. Hence not mentioning this in the intro of the call means rejection.

Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence in the intro of the call makes you sound small and inferior. You can’t afford to be timid and that doesn’t mean just how you feel, but how you sound.

Your voice is all you’ve got over the phone, so it’s got to sound more powerful, strong, confident, commanding respect while it encourages conversation.

Lack of confidence installs a sense of mistrust and desperation in the mind of the prospect who then hangs up immediately.

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Most salespeople can interrupt their buyers without even knowing it and such a bad intro creates a very bad first impression. The prospect might have been opening his/her mouth to say something, but you cut him/her off by diving in to fill the silence.

And while it’s acceptable to interject when someone you know well is talking, interrupting a buyer you’ve never spoken with before intentionally or unintentionally creates a terrible first impression. Further interruption really inconveniences the prospect who then hangs up.


Getting hung up during a cold call is so embarrassing and discouraging but it is a reality in sales. And, if you want to reduce your hang up rate then avoid these 6 most common bad intros.

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