Learn 7 Tips to make your sales team swim in deep waters than sinking


Selling is present everywhere and essential for businesses to succeed but however it is poorly understood especially when it comes to effectively transferring skills, knowledge, and capability to others and also keeping team members working together.

Here are some tips to make your sales team swim in deep waters than sinking.

Employ The Right Individuals

When you’re employing a new sales team, your primary concern is likely how well the potential new employees can sell. That’s a natural concern and of course, it’s going to be a big part of hiring.

It’s just important that perceived sales talent isn’t the end-all of your evaluation process. You also need to consider how they will function and adapt within the established team dynamic. This is especially important when hiring experienced salespeople, who have their own previously attained systems and methods of operation.

Experienced employees are a huge asset to sales teams as long as they fit and adapt to the team concept.

Inexperienced hires are more of a liability to your business as they will consume more of your time in training rather than working productively, but you can still use your interviewing skills to weed out those with negative attitudes or unfortunate personalities.

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New salespeople are supposed to be given a few days of basic training and induction processes in order to fit in the new environment.

  • What matters most in this induction process will be what do you sell and what are your principles for selling it?
  • What’s your preferred method for lead generation?
  • How does your sales technology platform work?
  • Who should a new team member ask when they need help?
  • Where are the resource materials and which resources have the most up-to-date information on your products or services?
  • These are some of the key fundamental questions you need to answer and highlight for new hires to be successful.

Reward them well

Ultimately, inspiring motivation is about finding the thing that makes your sales reps willing to go the extra mile and work hard.

People who are not motivated won’t suddenly become top performers if you offer them more cash, give them off days, be a little patient, they will do wonders.

Find the thing that makes your sales reps tick and the ones who have the self-discipline and inner talent to work for a reward will shine and swim. Sometimes, you may need to give your salespeople some inspiration to guarantee the full success of your sales team.

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If you want your sales team to feel accountable, you have to regularly provide feedback and openly recognize your team’s progress.

Hold regular team meetings where each team member shares their wins and their losses. Spend time on each to talk about and how they resolved or accomplished them.

This provides the rest of the team with opportunities to learn from the mistakes of others, without having to make the mistake themselves.

Here they will be motivated to put more effort into perfection and accuracy leading to the success of your sales team.

Build trust

The foundation of every team’s success is trust. If your team does not trust you and does not believe you have their best interests at heart, it’ll be difficult for them to feel inspired and driven by their work.

When salespeople are unmotivated, you won’t be able to re-inspire them unless you have an open and honest conversation about their challenges and goals which is something that simply won’t happen without trust.

Be open to them and get them to trust you, then they will get enough motivation to excel beyond the limit! selling more than anticipated.


Always consider some regular sales training, coaching, and self-development opportunities that support learning standards and support development and personal mastery in sales.

Look to your most successful team members, identify their best practices, and share them with the rest of the team.

Constant coaching also reminds all team members that they can all help one another succeed without compromising individual goals.

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The best thing you can do for new salespeople is to set them up with an experienced mentor. The trick, of course, is to choose mentors who are willing and able to handle the task. For the success of your sales team, you must be able to identify strong mentor candidates.

Mentors offer many benefits including reinforcing your company’s core values or methods. For the new salesperson, it’s often easier to go to a colleague for advice than it is to approach the boss.


How invested are you in your team’s success? This must always be the question in the mind of every team leader in order to have his sales team swim in deep waters than sinking.

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