Learn about 6 Traditional sales tactics which are still useful in your business 

Traditional sales tactics are still useful in your business

Traditional sales tactics refer to any type of selling that has been in use by companies for years, and that has a proven success rate.

Methods of traditional selling can be integrated with online sales tactics for the outmost effectiveness to help you reach the most prospective buyers.

Face to Face Interaction

Traditional selling has been around for ages and people are used to it. Face to face dialogues always beat online selling since it is more credible than digital selling.

People always want to buy what they see, touch, test, and try.

Cold Calling

While the idea of cold calling seems scary to some business owners, remembering that your company offers a solution to a problem makes it somewhat less daunting.

Instead of telling the prospect about your product, salespeople ask questions about their needs and challenges.

As a great salesperson, be able to use listening skills to find problems so that you will be on target when you recommend your company’s solutions.

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Flyers and Brochures

Traditional selling that is face-to-face is way more connective and interactive especially when using the power of hand-outs brick and mortar establishments, streets, or malls are just some of the places where flyers and brochures can come in handy.

These are still the most widely preferred methods for special discounts and offers. Consider the value of business cards that directly introduce a business to the client. Great salespeople prefer traditional hand-outs as they bring businesses new growth opportunities.

Direct mail and business cards also elicit emotional reactions and are more easily absorbed than words on a screen. Message mediums like these evoke strong responses and greater reach for salespeople. 

Seeking Referrals

Creating a campaign for seeking referrals from pleased customers is a traditional sales tactic that works in two ways.

First salespeople, ask customers if they know of anyone who needs their company’s products or services and also ask them to share their contact information with that person. They can also start a call to the referred customer.

The second tactic requires identifying people who know their customers and with whom they like to form a business relationship. Then, ask their client to make an introduction to the person to make it easier to get their foot in the door.

Catalysts in the selling process

Though it is true that over 70 percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before salespeople come into contact with the customer, selling is an art that requires training and experience.

Customer care can also play a vital role in converting prospects to solid customers or even help in client retention, courtesy cancellation teams that persuade you to stay with the brand and this doesn’t exist in virtual selling.

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Direct mail

Direct mail sales tactics help you show potential customers via an effective sales letter accompanied by a reply mechanism that indicates the customer’s interest. This traditional tactic is especially helpful if you do not want to make cold calls but wish to find new clients you would not be able to reach otherwise.

The process starts with obtaining a mailing list consisting of names and addresses of your target market. Once the recipient reads your direct mail letter, he sends back the enclosed reply card to express his interest in obtaining more information.

To convert the prospect into a paying customer, you continue to send periodic newsletters or more marketing mailings to convince him to buy.


While digital marketing is continuing to gain ground, traditional marketing techniques remain an important secret and unique weapon for interactive, face-to-face, and skilled selling.

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