Selling has become more sophisticated and more complicated nowadays because of massive competition and the market has become highly infested with salesmen such that the hunt for clients greatly intensifies everyday.

However most salesperson resort to cold calling to get new clients but rather this has not been easy because salespeople face increasing resistance to cold calling, as well as increasing flakiness on the part of prospects who do meet with them. Here are a few tips which can help you get a cold prospect talk to you.

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Gather information about the prospect

Before sending an email or calling anyone, a smart salesperson gathers as much information as possible about the prospect on target. Such information includes the name of the prospect, occupation, age and location so as to gain an insight of the potential needs of the prospect.

Doing all this you’re aiming to establish trust and by the time when you will have to email or call the prospect chances are very high of having him/her talk to you.

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Send an email

As a sales expert avoid the inconvenience you may bring to prospects upon giving them cold calls and top salesmen recommended starting with an email when approaching a cold prospect. An initial email usually makes more sense because it doesn’t require the prospect to answer at the moment they receive it.

Such an email must be a killer sales email which is short, precise and straight to the point. It should state the purpose as well as the benefits for the prospect, most importantly with the prospect’s name it and the product picture, prospects find it difficult to ignore such an email.

Emailing has an advantage over calling it allows you to educate your prospect on the product’s value proposition, and clearly connect it with the prospect’s situation without any inconveniences caused.

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Be good at cold calling

Having sent an email to a prospect, you may then give (the prospect ) a call since you will be having a slight idea on the prospect’s needs, goals and also with an understanding of his or her situation from email conversations.

In such a situation the prospect already knows your company and understands why it’s a useful product so it will be a good reason to call the prospect over the phone.

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Strategic selling is about opening up new relationships with new prospects and also keeping existing ones. Opening up good relationships is built upon the ability to prospect. Take note of these important steps now and improve your prospecting skills today!

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