Learn how to Keep Competitors Out of Your Best Clients

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One of the most lucrative ways to improve your sales and business is to keep competitors out of your best customers.

Being strategic is the best way to encourage your best customers to stick to your brand in such a very competitive market environment.


Thorough competitor analysis is the strategic way of developing a clearer picture of what’s happening in the market and giving you a basis to develop your own action plan.

Strategic selling involves being aware of what the market is like and this helps you create a sled-hammer approach which then helps you keep competitors out of your best clients.

Low prices

Simply being the cheapest supplier can be an effective way to keep competitors out of your best customers.

Customers always buy from the cheapest suppliers and always consider this as a salesman.

Attracting customers away from competitors may have a price part, however, look closely at the pricing structure of your competitors before slashing your own prices, as this could damage the brand value of your company.

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customer service

Don’t just sell neglecting customer service because consumers would move to a competitor if they had a poor customer service experience.

Moreover, consumers are using their experience of a business’s customer service support to differentiate businesses in any given market, which they use to decide where to spend their money hence making a personal connection to them is critical.

It’s a simple equation, the better your customer service the more customers your business will attract, and more importantly keep over the long-term with high levels of loyalty.


As a top-selling salesman be outstanding, always think about the market sectors your business is trading within. You should be constantly looking to innovate and fill the gaps with new goods and services.

One of the most effective ways to attract customers away from competitors is to not only offer something unique, but something that you know is missing from the market.

Ask your customers even though social media what goods or services they would love to see become available? and then your products and services will always stay unique and outstanding keeping competitors out of your best clients.

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Brand loyalty

In the selling industry, inviting customers to become part of your brand can be a powerful attractor to retain long-term customers in the face of stiff competition.

Consumers want to be part of a group or tribe that not only delivers great goods or services but, also shows the people in their network they support the values of the brand they associate themselves with.

More importantly, consumers who are emotionally connected to a brand are less price-sensitive and this will always keep competitors outmatched at the same time improving your sales and business.

Marketing and advertising

In the selling industry consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, therefore making your business stand out from the crowd is vital.

Marketing of course has always been critical to all businesses as it boosts up sales also weeping competitors out. Using social media platforms has enabled direct and highly personal connections to be made with groups and people. This granular marketing is a highly effective way to raise your business’s profile in the minds of your clients against the competitor’s efforts.

Consumers are also looking for help, support, value, and something to share with their networks. Creating content for these groups delivers these sharable materials, which could mean your brand and business becomes more desirable to buy from than your competitors.

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Is competition so threatening to your sales business? It’s so simple!!! Keep competitors away from your best clients now just be unique and outstanding in your methods!!!

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