Learn Why the profession of sales has such a negative perception??

Learn Why the profession of sales has such a negative perception?? Mittaltiger Enterprises - Grow your Business, Life, Income by 100X.

When you think of a sales person you might imagine an aggressive fast talker who always forces you to buy some unnecessary products and services.

Cold calling as well as chasing blind prospects has made people to generally think negatively about the sales profession as most think sales people are only there to disturb you at the most inopportune moment and this is the reason why most sales people face rejection in the market.

Many assume that all sales people have negative intentions, but in reality sales professionals are champions that prompt economic growth by serving the needs of businesses and consumers.

Here are a few reasons why the profession of sales has such a negative perception from the society.

Sales people cannot be trusted

Sales people sometimes force their way into closing deals without considering the client’s part and hence most prospects view sales reps as crooks who cannot be trusted at all.

For instance, a salesperson mispronounces their name or the name of their company. A wrong pronunciation signals that the rep didn’t ’t do their research, and frankly, does not care about anything but just making a sale.

This is the most common why the society generally develops negative perceptions about sales people, hence research well and avoid such a fatal mistake when negotiating with prospects or face complete rejection.

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Salespeople talk too much and listen too little

This is one of the major mistakes committed by salesmen as they sometimes talk too much not giving prospects an opportunity to speak their part.

By being too aggressive and controlling, you give away an impression to your prospects that you are not going to be a solution provider, rather, just a sales rep who is trying to achieve his or her own target.

Most salesmen meet up with complete rejection here giving the prospects a lot of negative perceptions about the sales profession.

Hence, it becomes important to listen to your prospect more so that they get a feeling that you understand their problems.

Create an atmosphere throughout the conversations with prospects so that they feel quite good about sharing their concerns with you.

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Salespeople waste time

Sales people would sometimes send the same email message twice intentionally to one customer or repeated phone calls five to ten minutes apart.

He or she pretends to apologize in the second one, saying the first bounced back. In the end he begins to persuade the customer again making him feel like he is so lucky.

This greatly inconvenience prospects who are already being bombarded everyday with many opportunity seeking salesmen.

Hence people view sales people as flaky time wasting people who waste a lot of time doing silly things only to force a sale.

Once you start making repeated cold calls and following up prospects blindly, you appear desperate and as soon as you look desperate, it’s over!

Desperation takes away all the confidence which a salesperson needs to be accepted in the business environment.

Stop chasing and following up prospects blindly or risk facing complete denial! Be nothing more than just a powerful salespeople driven by a noble purpose and all the prospects shall follow you.

Sales people are naturally liars

Most salespeople are so shameless as they deceive prospects through lies while negotiating so that they close deals, then suddenly at the end of the negotiation process they then change the key terms.

Upon seeing this prospects suddenly reject everything at the same time developing several negative perceptions about the sales profession.

Smart sales reps are fully aware of the fact that, when you’ve agreed to a deal, you need to honor the terms discussed with your prospect.

Changing contract terms on the last minute such as scope, resources, assumptions, or cost, is a suicidal way to muck up your deal. Hence changing terms without your prospect noticing is like risking both the deal and your reputation.

In business, your reputation is everything. Have integrity, and protect it at all costs or risk complete rejection.

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Prospects may have negative perceptions about the sales profession but as a responsible salesperson you have to act differently avoiding all these mistakes.

The way you dress, speak and conduct yourself on a daily basis is the way you present your product.

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