Domain Name Industry is more than 25+ years old and many investors, brokers, corporates have found success in selling domain names. The examples are Uniregistry, GoDaddy, Sedo etc.

The key to their success is right sales pricing. A domain name worth of 10 dollars will not sell for 10000 dollars.

Most of the new domainers find themselves in stinky mud pools after wrongly accessing their domain names, to make some quick bucks, and listing them on marketplaces at high sale prices.

How to evaluate a domain name

I believe every domainer knows the real value of his/her domain name. Unless he/she is marketing to the end-user, the one who will end up buying domain name to build a website on it, the hand-registered domain names are not valuable at all. E.g. We have a domain name which we hand-registered in 2016 but is still unsold because we were marketing it to resellers at a high price. To a reseller it doesn’t even hold value of $5 but to a business who is in flexible space business might be valuable worth $x,xxx.

Tools to be used to evaluate

I think no tool can be build to really evaluate a domain name. I believe if you can pitch a domain name to an end-user, and if domain-name really matches the business end-user is in then it is valuable. And, value can be negotiated hence.

But, liquid domain names can be evaluated by studying reseller trends in the market. 2L.coms sell in the range of 1m+, 3L.coms sell in the range 50k to 1.5m .. etc.


Market your domain names to end-users and evaluate individually according the responses.