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B2B Verification

Our in-depth knowledge and specialization of the background screening process across industry sectors makes us a preferred partner.

Associating / Partnering without verifying antecedents could be of high risk and may lead to loss of reputation, goodwill and business for an organization.

Research proves that background screening for employees / vendors / buyers of an organization leads to safer working environment and limits the exposure to physical insecurity, financial loss, data theft.

Raw Material Sourcing

Finding the right materials for the right price. One of the mentors of our founder has always mentioned “Nowadays, profit lies in your purchase too, not only in your sales”.

Sourcing materials can consume a lot of time, energy and funds. We help with our supply chain knowledge and supplier contacts in the key areas to ensure you have a cost effective but also sustainable source for your business and manufacturing.

Because of our unique position in the supply chain, Mittaltiger is ideally equipped to provide outsourced material and vendor management services for our clients.

Manufacturing Services

For many companies, labor is one of their most significant costs. Overhead costs like rent, electricity, and other utilities are another large expense. Lower costs overseas can help reduce these expenses for your company.

For many products sold in developed world, the raw materials needed to produce them are difficult to access domestically. Oftentimes, these materials are more abundant and less expensive abroad. If you choose to manufacture at a facility abroad, it will be less expensive to transport the needed materials there.

Emerging markets such as Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc are becoming low-cost manufacturing hubs lately.

Supply Chain Services

Agile, flexible, resilient — today’s supply chains must be all this and more to be able to adapt to changes over which they have no control, such as natural disasters, political instability, regulation and dramatic economic changes. Add to that the pressures of delivering in digital-first, emerging and rapidly changing market dynamics.

Supply chain transformation engagements at Mittaltiger are led by seasoned industry, process and subject matter experts, supported by world-class infrastructure, and a rich knowledge base of supply chain best practice methodologies.

Mittaltiger offers a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain outsourcing services that help companies drive more value across the enterprise.

Global Trade Finance and Insurance

Global Trade Finance & Invoice Finance, Global Trade Insurance solutions for businesses to trade, import or export goods, both domestically and globally.

We work around the clock with our global network of partners, so you can focus on growing and running the business. We simplify complex finance and create solutions to set your business up for long term profitable growth.

Cargo Insurance for Marine, Land and Air Shipments

Cargo Insurance is an essential component to the shipment of goods anywhere in the world. International law and domestic law create limits to the liability of shipping companies, these limits are usually far below the value of the merchandise being transported in order to reduce transportation costs.

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