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Facebook Messenger Marketing and Leads Generation

facebook messenger marketing and leads generation services mittaltiger enterprises - Facebook Messenger Marketing and Leads Generation

Messaging Apps such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc are powerful enough to Generate Leads at low costs for your Business

Facebook is undeniably one of the most important places online that you can’t afford to miss. And, it is the biggest and hugely popular social network for connecting businesses and consumers, particularly through its Messenger app. As a business owner, you should start incorporating marketing strategies that can make your business become more visible to the eyes of your prospective customers and clients.

Setup messaging Chatbots on your Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram messaging apps automated with menu, messages, replies, flows, etc. And bring traffic to your page through various sources such as Facebook Ads to generate qualified leads.

  • Expose your brand to the most targeted prospects of your business.
  • Gain access to over 1 billion Facebook users.
  • Different Targeting Options (location, age, work, likes, interest).
  • More likes means more authority and brand recognition.
  • Legitimate likes means more traffic which will ultimately convert to customer.
  • Clever advertising technology offered by Facebook
  • Budget-friendly advertising medium.
  • Generate qualified leads with lower costs

Businesses need Facebook Advertising in 2020 because of its Audience Targeting, ROI, Attention and Scalability

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