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 Online Sales Funnels and Cadences

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Increase your revenue, by 10X to 100X, by building and putting in practice effective, winning, and yet non-annoying online marketing & sales funnels, and sales cadences

An Online Sales Funnel is a marketing structure that guides leads (potential customers) through a methodical (step-by-step) process with an end goal of making a purchase or booking a service.

A Sales Cadence is a sequence of different sales outreach activities or methods that a salesperson can follow for certain types of leads to move them through the sales pipeline.

Any business in 2020 and beyond needs marketing & sales funnels, and sales cadences:-

  • To create predictable revenue
  • To provide a framework for your salespeople to follow
  • To place effective marketing and sales systems
  • To use a mix set of sales outreach activities which involve phone calls, emails, and social media
  • To scale your business towards revenue generation from 10X to 100X

An example of an effective sales cadence could be:-

  • Day 1: Email/InMail
  • Day 3: Email in the morning, call in the afternoon
  • Day 5: Call in the morning, call with a voicemail in the afternoon
  • Day 7: Email in the morning, call in the afternoon with a voicemail
  • Day 10: Email and call in the morning

Our sales cadences our built on the proven strategy:-

  • Understanding your target audience
  • Timing, duration and medium of communication
  • Number of contact attempts
  • Categorization of targets
  • Marketing Content types e.g. ebooks, whitepapers, webinars etc

An example of a Sales Funnel for Business Coaching

online marketing and sales funnels creation for effective more sales chart mittaltiger enterprises - Online Sales Cadences and Funnels

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