Raw Material Sourcing

Learn how you can generate Dynamic Savings by sourcing raw materials and products from emerging markets :-

The raw materials industry is defined by greatly fluctuating prices, so it is little wonder that many buyers feel forced to accept and pay the price increases quoted by their long term incumbent suppliers. Although this may be a widespread occurrence, many companies have begun seeking cost saving solutions to ensure they are being quoted the lowest price coupled with the most favourable terms possible.

Finding the right materials for the right price. One of the mentors of our founder has always mentioned “Nowadays, profit lies in your purchase too, not only in your sales”.

Sourcing materials can consume a lot of time, energy and funds. We help with our supply chain knowledge and supplier contacts in the key areas to ensure you have a cost effective but also sustainable source for your business and manufacturing.

Because of our unique position in the supply chain, Mittaltiger is ideally equipped to provide outsourced material and vendor management services for our clients.

Our raw material and product sourcing specialists, before sourcing raw materials and products for your company, always analyze and verify main variables that influence market price and sourcing process for raw materials :-

  • Business risks
  • Strategic objectives
  • Market dynamics
  • Uncertain economic climate
  • Turbulent weather patterns

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