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Virtual and Ondemand Live Chat Agents

Hire Virtual and Ondemand Live Chat Agents - Service - Mittaltiger Enterprises

Engage your Website Audience by outsourcing to our 24/7 Live Chat Agents

Today, when it goes about customer support live chat has become the No.1 choice of users. Why shouldn’t it be as it has a range of advantages over other channels that clients use to engage with your business. Firstly, it is quick, serves customers in real time, and secondly, it can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers or satisfy requests of standing clients. However, launching and running live support system requires financial investments and staff resources.

Hire Professional Live Chat Agents for Better Live Chat Support on your Website and generate more Qualified Leads. Think about how much of your time, and as a result, money, you can save by outsourcing live chat support!

  • Well-trained chat staff experience in managing live chat requests
  • Live support solution that perfectly suits your and your business needs
  • 24 hour 7-day working schedule
  • Cost-effective service that lets you save on system maintenance and training staff
  • Tracking website activity and providing clear analytics
  • Smart engagement with live chat users to increase leads generation and conversion rates
  • Affordable Plans and Excellent Support
  • 100% Results oriented satisfaction
Don’t let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help on your website and make sure you secure the sale or resolve customer service issue the first time round. Our professional website chat operators will take care of your clients 24 x 7 as if they were your own staff. With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.
Live chat currently has the highest satisfaction levels. More and more website visitors are using this method to communicate, 73% of those that have are pretty happy with their experience. Phone and Email are currently the lowest rated customer service touch points, with 44% and 41% respectively. Automated answering systems and long waiting times are the main sources of frustration for phone users.


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