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Our Services

Businesses have recognized many fast growing economic regions such as India, Brazil, Nigeria in the world. Yet international expansion is complex for any firm to undertake without the right local support.

To help our clients break into the region, we have developed a range of customized service solutions that are executed by our in-country trade specialists.

Research Reports

We do quantified B2B research on emerging opportunities/threats which impact worldwide companies’ revenues, and prepare business intelligence solutions, market research reports and custom research services across 10 industry verticals at a global level.

Case Studies

Our case studies and project reports reflect the broad range of projects we have undertaken for clients from around the world that are seeking to break into the unknown remote markets (hidden gems).

From initial market research to arranging customized business matching services with local partners or end-users, our project references also reflect our experience in over 25 business sectors.

About Us

Mittaltiger Holdings is a market entry and expansion consulting firm serving government economic development agencies and companies seeking to grow their business in emerging economies of the world across 5 continents. Since 2012, these clients have engaged us to help them better understand where the business opportunities lie in markets like India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines etc, and to connect them with key local customers and partners.

We also prepare intensive and quantified Market Research reports that provide contacts, insights and support to companies needing assistance with their market expansion into the high emerging economies of the world. These research reports are available at Market Expansion Reports and Market Research Reports.

We also operate a business line – a Global B2B sourcing club and platform where we help thousands of suppliers and manufacturers sell raw, semi-processed, semi-finished, processed, finished materials across 6+ industries, from 30+ emerging economies to rest of the world.

Get a Feasibility Study done for your Product or Service

To successfully export your products or services, you need to learn about your customers, your competitors and your industry. Our market research process starts off with brainstorming effective research structures and approach, then moving on to building research briefs and project templates, finalizing definitions, research timelines, etc.

Research is undertaken by our in-country staff who have a good grounding in research skills, are knowledgeable about the relevant sectors, speak the local language, and are familiar with the local context, and are thus able to add more depth to our analysis.

Our market research services can provide valuable insight to help you:

  • Reduce business risk
  • Spot current and upcoming trends in your target market
  • Identify business opportunities

We have significant experience undertaking in-depth market research in key sectors. We can also offer customized snapshot market studies for companies that want a quick understanding of a market, or have specific questions to address.

Contact us for a no-obligations discussion on how we can help you with your market research requirements in your preferred target market.