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Businesses have recognized many fast growing economic regions such as India, Brazil, Nigeria in the world. Yet global materials sourcing is complex for any firm to undertake without the right support, tools and technologies.

To help our clients, we have developed a range of customized service solutions that are executed by our trade specialists.


We do quantified B2B research on emerging opportunities/threats which impact worldwide companies’ revenues, and prepare business intelligence solutions, market research reports and custom research services across 6+ industry verticals at a global level.

Case Studies

Our case studies and project reports reflect the broad range of projects we have undertaken for clients from around the world.

About Us

Mittaltiger Holdings is a Global B2B Services consulting firm serving clients all over the world across 5 continents to supply and source goods and materials. Since 2012, these clients have engaged us to help them source from markets like India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines etc.

We also prepare intensive and quantified Market Research reports that provide contacts, insights and support to companies needing assistance with day to day trends in the industries they operate or do business.

We also operate a business line – a Global B2B sourcing club and platform where we help thousands of suppliers and manufacturers sell raw, semi-processed, semi-finished, processed, finished materials across 6+ industries, from 30+ emerging economies to rest of the world.

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