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Doing business in high growth markets can be extremely rewarding. Yet good initiatives in new markets too often tend to fail. Trade know-how is widely recognized as the key ingredient for any venture’s success in new markets. That is why at Mittaltiger Holdings we started investing in trade knowledge, trade data analytics, trade services, b2b research etc., and we continue to do so today. Simply put: we are passionate about high growth markets!

Thanks to our local presence, through our branches and associates, in over 30 countries across the globe, Mittaltiger is able to provide expert advice and practical assistance to make your global trading (import and export) a success. We have unique business intelligence, a network with deeply embedded local teams in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Americas and over 6+ years of experience. We love to make a difference with our hands-on mentality.

We develop business in high growth markets (See the list of countries and industries). From B2B verification services, in emerging markets, all the way to supporting your sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain etc. Mittaltiger offers tailor-made solutions and services that fit your requirements seamlessly. This allows you to focus on your core business while we make sure you minimize risks, align your goals and speed-up processes, making your foreign investment a success.

We also prepare intensive and quantified Market Research reports that provide insights and support to companies needing assistance with day to day trends in the industries they operate or do business in.

We also operate a business line – a Global B2B sourcing club and platform where we help thousands of suppliers and manufacturers sell raw, semi-processed, semi-finished, processed, finished materials across 6+ industries, from 30+ emerging economies to rest of the world.

Added Value

How do we add value to your company?

Local Presence

We are rooted in over 30+ countries and have the local expertise and resources to support clients all the way from business intelligence through market entry strategy development into successful local implementation. Mittaltiger offers local presence in high growth markets, combined with a dedicated contact in your home market.

Can do Mentality

We are proud to be able to go above and beyond understanding high growth markets and clarify what really happens on the ground. Mittaltiger has the resources to transform client’ ambitions into tangible results using our can do mentality. Thanks to our implementation capabilities, we directly add value to your company’s bottom line.

High Growth Market Specialist

We focus exclusively on doing business in high growth markets. This makes us the specialist for business development in Africa, Americas, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Find your way in new markets with the help of a single trusted advisor, making your foreign investment a success. Mittaltiger is your partner in high growth markets.


Know who we are :-

Chetan Mittal

Chetan Mittal

Founder / CEO / Principal Consultant

Chetan Mittal has been working in consulting industry since 2001 and was among the first Rubyonrails consultants in India and Australia. Chetan studied BCA, MS Software Engineering from RMIT University Melbourne, and MBA from Melbourne Business School (MtEliza/UQ).

Chetan has 15+ years professional work experience in various senior executive roles in India, Australia and Africa. He has supplied and sourced electronics, food and agri, metals and minerals in his overall career till now.

Chetan has helped many companies, businesses, products enter and expand in emerging economies of the world.

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